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Whitecroft Traditional Tours create bespoke tours that celebrate the very best of British heritage, from architecture and history to gardening, literature and crafts.

About Whitecroft Traditional Tours

About Whitecroft

Owned and run by Helen Bertram, Whitecroft Traditional Tours is a tour company that celebrates the very best of British heritage, from architecture and history to literature and crafts. Every tour is designed around a specific interest or theme, and uses it as a gateway to explore the landscape, culture and lifestyle of Britain.

Becoming part of the Whitecroft family

Because we try to make every tour as unique, entertaining and enjoyable as possible, our guests often come back time and again, and have so much in common, they often form lasting friendships.

Many of our guests from all corners of the globe keep in touch once they’ve returned home, and even arrange to meet up again on their next Whitecroft Tour!

It’s so fantastic for us to see familiar faces and welcome new friends, and we try to keep in touch as often as we can through our newsletter so we can let you know what we’ve got planned for the next tour.

Helen’s heritage

Helen Bertram has been running the business for several years and she is passionate about the heritage of her home country. Helen was born in Warwickshire - home of WIlliam Shakespeare and just north of the stunning area of the Cotswolds.

Educated in England, she spent two years at a Finishing School in London where she was able to study both embroidery, cookery, languages and as the college - St. Godrics - was based in Hampstead in London.

A visit every week to a historic house or garden, both in London and around the country, fuelled her enthusiasm for the wonderful experience that she now shares with her guests.

About Victoria

Recently, Helen's daughter, Victoria has joined the company in a more active role now that her 3 young children are a little older.

Victoria will be joining some of the guests on the tours in the future and also assisting Helen in the day to day running of the business.

Exclusive experiences and hidden treasures

We always try to find the most interesting, exciting experiences, from exclusive dining, to private tours. The aim is to find hidden treasures and offer the highest quality hotels, the most engaging guides and the most fascinating experiences.

We organise tours all over the United Kingdom aimed at literary enthusiasts, embroiderers, quilters, artists, historians and gardeners - anyone who has an interest in the wonderful heritage and experiences that we have all around us.

Peace of mind from start to finish

With Whitecroft your every need is taken care of and you’ll quickly make friends as you’re travelling with a group of like-minded people.

All meals are included, we’d never leave you alone in a strange town or village to fend for yourself, and we even take care of all your drinks at dinner, so you know you’ll be very well fed and watered (or wined, if you prefer!).

We want you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about extra hidden costs or how to find your way around an unfamiliar place on your own.

Whitecroft Tours are covered by TTA, which means that your booking is completely covered and no payments are at risk, so you have complete peace of mind when you book with Whitecroft Traditional Tours.

We very much look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours.